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By Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis
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These are exciting times for the Internet of Things (IoT)! Just imagine that in a few short years, nearly 50 billion “things” of one kind or another will be connected. The exponentially growing number of objects connected to the Internet is completely changing our world. What new changes will appear? Which standards need to be developed? How many businesses will benefit?

ISO has just released its September/October 2016 issue of ISOfocus. Aptly entitled “Our connected future”, it covers the most pervasive and ubiquitous IoT advances, trends and opinions. To bring some perspective to this term, we spoke to several leaders in the IoT arena for their thoughts on the impact that the technology will have on businesses around the globe and the standards being developed to address the booming market.


Cover of ISOfocus September/October 2016 - Our connected future

Dr Kai Ranneberg, Chair of the ISO Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) on Industry 4.0, sees standards leveraging IoT technologies to create more efficient, responsive, make-to-order systems. “There will be interfaces, interfaces and more interfaces. Standards are needed to avoid bottlenecks for bringing products to market. And there is certainly a big role for standards on the architectural design of Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing to coordinate workflows and processes.”

The articles cover a variety of topics showing how IoT is becoming the next technological revolution. These include some of the most trendy scenarios, such as transport connectivity where sensors can offer us smart parking services to find free parking spots in the streets, or monitor traffic congestion to optimize driving and walking routes, in addition to security and the risks of attack.

So exactly how much can ISO standards help? Quite a lot, actually. We thought it would be helpful to look at how standards are contributing to the IoT revolution and who are some of the important people and projects that are helping move it from its first glimpses into today’s trending topic.

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