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A young boy dressed in business suit and tie wears a homemade jetpack and flying goggles raises his arms in the afternoon sun while running to take off into the air on an outcropping above the surf in California. This young entrepreneur is ready to take his new business to new heights.
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The keystone event in the ISO calendar featuring thematic sessions, networking opportunities, the ISO General Assembly and related governance meetings.

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To be strong, resilient and fit for the future, MSMEs are encouraged to uphold the highest standards. 
A society for all ages
A new era where people are living longer has arrived. Standards aim to create societies where everyone can age with a purpose. 
How smart farming is changing the future of food
Smart farming expert Angela Schuster reveals some of the ways that digitalization is transforming agriculture and helping feed the planet.
Safer food, better health and a brighter future
From farm to fork, how safe is your food? On World Food Safety Day, ISO is taking a significant step on the path to ensuring that access to safer, nutritious food benefits all – people and planet.

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