ISO 27306:2009
Metallic materials — Method of constraint loss correction of CTOD fracture toughness for fracture assessment of steel components
Reference number
ISO 27306:2009
Edition 1
ISO 27306:2009
Withdrawn (Edition 1, 2009)


ISO 27306:2009 specifies a method for converting the CTOD (Crack-Tip Opening Displacement) fracture toughness obtained from laboratory specimens to an equivalent CTOD for structural components, taking constraint loss into account. This method can also apply to fracture toughness assessment using the stress intensity factor or the J-integral concept.

ISO 27306:2009 deals with the unstable fracture that occurs from a crack-like defect or fatigue crack in ferritic structural steels. Unstable fracture accompanied by a significant amount of ductile crack extension and ductile fractures is not included in the scope hereof.

ISO 27306:2009 can be used for eliminating the excessive conservatism frequently associated with the conventional fracture mechanics methods and accurately assessing the unstable fracture initiation limit of structural components from the fracture toughness of the structural steel. This is also used for rationally determining the fracture toughness of materials to meet the design requirements of deformability of structural components.

General information

  •  : Withdrawn
     : 2009-05
    : Withdrawal of International Standard [95.99]
  •  : 1
     : 55
  • ISO/TC 164/SC 4
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