ISO/CD TS 15530-2
ISO/CD TS 15530-2


This document describes a procedure for the evaluation of the uncertainty of measurements with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The method described in this document uses multiple measurement strategies (multiple artefact orientations and repetitions), the measurement of standards of length and the measurement of standards for probe qualification error assessment. The task-specific measurement uncertainty is evaluated based on analysis of variance (ANOVA). This document is applicable to the conformity verification of products against their geometrical specifications in accordance with ISO 14253-1 or ISO/TR 14253-6. It is also applicable to the calibration of the geometrical properties of workpieces with the special consideration described in Clause 8.3. This document is also applicable to the task which needs the estimation or upper bounding of the task-specific measurement uncertainty, e.g. PUMA method in ISO 14253-2. Although this document has been prepared for measurements using CMMs equipped with tactile probing systems, it could be as well applicable to other coordinate measuring systems (CMSs). Note When applying this document to other types of CMSs, the testers should carefully consider the difference of the kinematic model and measurement error propagation between those of Cartesian CMMs and those of the systems to be used.

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    17.040.30 Measuring instruments
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