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The Agence nationale de Normalisation, de Métrologie et du Contrôle de la Qualité (ANM), established by Order 2017-031 of 23 January 2017 and governed by the provisions of Law 94-009 of 28 July 1994, is a public institution with a social, cultural and scientific mission. It is a legally incorporated, financially independent entity operating under the Ministry of Industry.

ANM's mission is to implement, monitor and assess the national policy for standardization, metrology, certification, product verification and quality promotion. It assists stakeholders in the production of goods and services to face the challenges of competitiveness, sustainable economic growth, protection of consumers and of all parties concerned, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in Benin and with internationally accepted quality standards. To that end, its mandate is to:

  • oversee the implementation of the national quality policy
  • manage the national standardization system
  • implement the national certification system
  • oversee the management of the national metrology system
  • coordinate the management of the national conformity assessment system
  • inform, train, assist and advise on matters pertaining to standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation support
  • represent Benin in regional and international bodies for standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation, in partnership with industry organizations
  • liaise with foreign and international organizations for standardization, metrology, certification and accreditation.

Its managing bodies include the Board of Directors, the National Board for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Management, General Management and its Steering Committee. The Agency's General Management is made up of four technical departments and six quality infrastructure areas (RIQ).

For more information:
Phone  +229 21 31 04 49 / +229 61 56 08 11                                                                            


Agence nationale de Normalisation, de Métrologie et du Contrôle Qualité

Immeuble Ex-BRMN Quartier Saint Michel
Boulevard Saint Michel
02 BP 1101

Tel: +229 21 31 04 49
Fax: +229 21 31 04 59

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