ISO/AWI 25076
Principles for production of cell cultured products
Reference number
ISO/AWI 25076
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI 25076
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


This document provides a benchmark for evaluation of the design, operation and performance of cell cultured products practices and systems. This document is applicable to the design of new production systems. This document is applicable only to the upstream and midstream production processes. This document covers the following topics: — principles of cell cultured production process systems; — process design, construction, operation and maintenance of cell cultured production systems; — controlling cell cultured systems parameters. This document does not cover the following topics: — downstream processes; — packaging, labelling, storage and distribution; — validation; — Quality assurance (QA/QC); — Sustainability; — safety and hazards; — Production area/Clean rooms. NOTE It is important to note that cell cultured is a rapidly evolving field, and specific principles and techniques may vary depending on the specific product being cultivated and the technological advancements at any given time.

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