ISO/AWI TS 22270
Mechanical vibration — Practical guidance for the monitoring and measurement of hand-transmitted vibration on the hand, wrist or forearm
Reference number
ISO/AWI TS 22270
Edición 1
Working draft
ISO/AWI TS 22270
Un grupo de trabajo ha preparado un borrador.


This document is aimed at manufacturers of systems that measure or monitor vibration on the hand, wrist or arm. This document is also aimed at those performing measurements or monitoring of vibration on the hand, wrist or arm, including those involved in research. This document provides guidance on evaluation of daily exposures to hand-arm vibration in the workplace where measurement or monitoring systems are fitted to the hand, wrist or arm. This document provides guidance to equipment manufacturers on how to provide suitable information to users on the scope and limitations of their equipment. It also provides guidance to users on the practical use and validation of these systems for monitoring or measurement in the workplace. This document provides information on measurement methods that supplement the methods described in ISO 5349-1. This document does not apply to measurements related to ISO 5349-1, for example, fulfilling duties under national regulations for either workplace vibration exposures or machinery vibration emissions.

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