• Secretario/a:
    Mr Marco Rossi
  • Presidente/a (hasta el final 2024):
    Mr Javier Garcia Diaz
  • Fecha de creación: 1986



ABNT Brazil (2024)
AFNOR France (2026)
ANSI USA (2024)
BIS India (2025)
BSI United Kingdom (2024)
DIN Germany (2024)
DS Danemark (2026)
JISC Japan (2025)
KATS Korea, Republic of (2025)
KEBSKenya (2026)
SA Australia (2026)
SAC China (2026)
SCC Canada (2024)
SN Norway (2025)
SNV Switzerland (2024)

[NOTE - The figures in brackets show the year at the end of which the term of office expires.]

Terms of reference of the Technical Management Board

1. Authoritative sources:

The following are the relevant authoritative sources for the Technical Management Board (TMB):

  • The ISO Statutes (Article 13)
  • The Rules of Procedure (Clause 14 and its Annex)
  • The ISO/IEC Directives and the Consolidated ISO Supplement
  • The TMB Working Procedures

2. Tasks of the TMB:

The Technical Management Board. This body shall have responsibility, with delegated authority for decision-making, for the general management of the technical committee structure (including establishment, coordination, and, dissolution of ISO’s technical bodies), the supervision of their activities, and the development and maintenance of the rules for the work of the ISO technical committees, i.e., the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 — Consolidated ISO Supplement — Procedures specific to ISO, version 2017 (8th edition) and its subsequent revisions

The TMB shall (Rules of Procedure clause 14.1)::

  • a) examine proposals for new fields of technical activity, and decide on all matters concerning the establishment and dissolution of technical committees;
  • b) assess existing ISO and other work in relevant areas, conduct gap analyses on needed work, and determine how to introduce and/or integrate needed work into the ISO work programme;
  • c) monitor the work of technical committees and project committees and project management requirements;
  • d) allocate or re-allocate secretariats of technical committees and project committees and, in case of there being more than one candidate, allocate or re-allocate secretariats of subcommittees;
  • e) appoint chairpersons of technical committees;
  • f) manage appeals from technical committees as set out in the ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1 — Consolidated ISO Supplement — Procedures specific to ISO, version 2017 (8th edition) and its subsequent revisions;
  • g) appoint registration authorities and maintenance agencies for the implementation of International Standards;
  • h) oversee the development of Guides and other ISO deliverables;
  • i) approve the Strategic Business Plans of the technical committees;
  • j) resolve technical coordination issues between ISO technical committees and project committees as well as joint groups with the IEC, other international organizations, and regional organizations;
  • k) advise the Secretary-General on technical interface questions between ISO and IEC, and with respect to technical collaboration with other international standardizing bodies;
  • l) on behalf of ISO, keep the ISO/IEC Directives for the technical work under review, examine and coordinate all proposals for amendments and approve appropriate revisions.

Enlaces rápidos

Miembros participantes
Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/TMB/DMT   Directives Maintenance Team Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TMB/JCG ISO/CEN Joint Coordination Group of the Technical (Management) Boards Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TMB/JTAB ISO/IEC Joint Technical Advisory Board [EN ESPERA] Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TMB/TF 2   Task force on management system standards Grupo de trabajo
Fecha Mes Ubicación TC/SC Nota
9-10 September 2024 Cartagena (Colombia) ISO/TMB *

* Información definitiva, pero la reunión aún no se ha convocado formalmente
** Provisional