ISO 8062-3:2023
ISO 8062-3:2023



This document specifies general dimensional and geometrical tolerances as well as machining allowance grades for castings using ± tolerances for indicated dimensions as delivered to the purchaser according to ISO/TS 8062-2. It is applicable for tolerancing of dimensions and geometry of castings in all cast metals and their alloys produced by various casting manufacturing processes.

This document does not apply to 3D CAD models used without indicated dimensions.

This document applies to both general dimensional and general geometrical tolerances (referred to in or near the title block of the drawing), unless otherwise specified and where specifically referred to on the drawing by one of the references in Clause 11.

The dimensional tolerances covered by this document are tolerances for linear dimensions.

The geometrical tolerances covered by this document are tolerances for:








This document does not cover other position tolerances, angular dimensional tolerances or cylindricity tolerances.

This document can be used for the selection of tolerance values for individual indications.

General information 

  •  : Published
     : 2023-02
  •  : 2
     : 34
  •  : ISO/TC 213 Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verification
  •  :
    17.040.10 Limits and fits

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