International Standard
ISO 15551:2023
Petroleum and natural gas industries — Drilling and production equipment — Electric submersible pump systems for artificial lift
Reference number
ISO 15551:2023
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO 15551:2023
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Опубликовано (Версия 1, 2023)

ISO 15551:2023

ISO 15551:2023
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This document specifies requirements for the design, design verification and validation, manufacturing and data control, performance ratings, functional evaluations, handling and storage of tubing-deployed electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems. Additionally, this document provides requirements for assembled ESP system.

This document is applicable to those ESP related components meeting the definition of centrifugal pumps, including gas handling devices, discharge heads, seal chamber sections, intake systems, mechanical gas separators, asynchronous 3 phase - 2 pole induction motors (herein motor), shaft couplings, downhole power cables (herein power cables), motor lead extension, and pothead. Components supplied under the requirements of this document exclude previously used subcomponents, except where the use of such subcomponents is as defined in this document (Clause 9).

This document addresses design validation performance rating requirements by component (see Annex A), requirements for determining ratings as an assembled system (see Annex B), functional evaluation: single component (see Annex C) and cable reference information (see Annex D).

This document addresses functional evaluation guidelines for assembled ESP systems, establishing recommended operating range (ROR) of the ESP system (see Annex F), example user/purchaser ESP functional specification form (see Annex G), considerations for the use of 3-phase low and medium voltage adjustable speed drives for ESP applications (see Annex H), analysis after ESP use (see Annex I), downhole monitoring of ESP assembly operation (see Annex J), information on permanent magnet motors for ESP applications (see Annex K) and users guide (see Annex L).

This document also includes a user guide that offers a high-level process workflow when applying this document.

This document does not apply to: wireline and coiled tubing-deployed ESP systems, motor shrouds and pump shrouds, electric penetrators and feed-through systems, cable clamps and banding, centralizers, intake screens, passive gas separators, by-pass tools, check and bleeder valves, component adaptors, capillary lines, electric surface control equipment, downhole permanent magnet motors and non-conventionally configured ESP systems such as inverted systems. This document does not apply to Repair and redress equipment requirements.

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     : 2023-09
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