ISO 1762:2015
ISO 1762:2015


ISO/TS 1762:2015 describes the determination of the residue (ash) on ignition of paper, board and pulp at 525 °C. It is applicable to all types of paper, board, and pulp samples. The ash may consist of

a) mineral matter in the pulp and various residues from chemicals used in its manufacture,

b) metallic matter from piping and machinery, and

c) fillers, pigments, coatings, or residues from various additives.

In samples containing calcium carbonate, there is practically no decomposition of carbonate by ashing at 525 °C. Other fillers and pigments such as clay and titanium dioxide are also unaffected by ashing at 525 °C. Accordingly, the residue on ignition as determined by this International Standard provides a good estimate of the total inorganic matter in the sample, provided that the sample does not contain other minerals which decompose at or below this temperature. For example, magnesium carbonate and calcium sulfate may, at least partly, decompose at temperatures below 525 °C.

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     : 2015-06
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  •  : ISO/TC 6 Paper, board and pulps
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    85.040 Pulps

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