ISO/IEC 10040:1998
ISO/IEC 10040:1998
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This Recommendation | International Standard:

  • provides an overview to the family of systems management standards;
  • establishes the basis for partitioning the systems management standards into separate groups, specifying the scope of each group and identifying the principal components within each group;
  • gives guidance on the development of systems management standards and identifies the way they relate to each other;
  • defines terms for use by other systems management standards;
  • is applicable to the definition of all systems management standards and to all aspects of systems management of whatever scale;
  • is applicable to situations in which the responsibility for systems management is centralized and those where it is decentralized;
  • establishes a model for systems management, identifies several aspects of systems management (i.e. information, functional, communications, and organizational), and further refines the model to clarify these aspects;
  • identifies the principles governing conformance requirements and conformance claims to systems management standards.

There are no conformance requirements on the main body of this Recommendation | International Standard, however it does specify requirements on standards claiming compliance to systems management.

Annex A defines an application context for systems management and specifies the rules for negotiating systems management functional units. There are conformance requirements associated with these rules.

Общая информация 

  •  : Опубликовано
     : 1998-10
  •  : 2
  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
  •  :
    35.100.70 Application layer

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