At its meeting in March 2006, Council approved a common patent policy between ISO, IEC and ITU and requested that this be supplemented by common implementation guidelines and a common patent statement and licensing declaration form. These latter elements were approved by the Technical Management Board and the equivalent bodies in IEC and ITU in February 2007.

Below are the documents related to this agreement:

Patent declarations submitted to ISO are listed in a spreadsheet accessible via the link below.


  • This spreadsheet is made available for information purposes only.
  • The references to patents/patent applications have been included as notified to the ISO Central Secretariat by patent holders.
  • ISO does not verify the veracity or accuracy of the information nor the relevance of the identified patents/patent applications to ISO Standards.
  • Please note that the option 2 column for licensing declaration as well as information on reciprocity have been added for those declarations dated 2013-01-22 onward.
  • Copies of patent declarations dated 2013-09-13 onward are available in their entirety.
  • For texts jointly developed with IEC or ITU-T, please see also IEC or ITU-T patent database.

Download patent declarations submitted to ISO (excel spreadsheet)