ISO/WD 18138
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ISO/WD 18138
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ISO/WD 18138
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This document sets out performance characteristics of devices used in, and procedures for, the removal of scalpel blades from handles and subsequent containment and disposal of the scalpel blades. The objectives of this document are: a) to define the performance characteristics of devices which are used to remove scalpel blades from scalpel handles; b) to recommend appropriate procedures for removal of scalpel blades from scalpel handles; and c) to recommend the appropriate procedures for the disposal of such blades, in order to reduce the incidence of injury or transmission of infection to the user and other personnel. This document is applicable to all clinical and non-clinical settings that use scalpel blades. Examples include, but are not limited to, hospitals, surgical settings, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries, dental offices and podiatry clinics, and areas other than health facilities, e.g. schools, universities, laboratories, veterinary surgeries, aesthetic clinics, architects’ offices and graphic design studios and any establishment where scalpels and other sharps are used. DRAFTING NOTE: The Standards Australia Committee HE-011, Safe Management of Sharps and Healthcare Related Wastes recently updated and published as AS3825:2020; Procedures and devices for the removal, containment and disposal of scalpel blades from scalpel handles.

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