DIS Norme internationale
ISO/DIS 8913
Aéronautique et espace — Tuyauteries flexibles en polytétrafluoroéthylène (PTFE), série légère, classification 400 degrés F/3 000 psi (204 degrés C/20 684 kPa) et 204 degrés C/21 000 kPa (400 degrés F/3 046 psi) — Spécification d'approvisionnement
Numéro de référence
ISO/DIS 8913
Edition 4
Norme internationale
ISO/DIS 8913
Indisponible en français
Projet de Norme internationale au stade enquête auprès des membres de l’ISO.
Remplacera ISO 8913:2006

ISO/DIS 8913

ISO/DIS 8913
CHF 63
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ISO 8913:2006 specifies requirements for lightweight polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hose assemblies for use in aircraft hydraulic systems at temperatures between - 55 °C and 204 °C (- 65 °F and 400 °F), and at a nominal pressure up to 3 000 psi (20 684 kPa) or 21 000 kPa (3 046 psi). The hose assemblies are also suitable for use within the same temperature and pressure limitations in aircraft pneumatic systems where some gaseous diffusion through the wall on the PTFE liner may be tolerated.

The use of these hose assemblies in high-pressure pneumatic storage systems is not recommended. In addition, installations in which the limits specified in ISO 8913:2006 are exceeded, or in which the application is not covered specifically by ISO 8913:2006, for example for oxygen, are subject to the approval of the purchaser.

A listing of hose assembly procurement standards conforming to ISO 8913:2006 is given.

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